How it Works

How It Work's ?

You become a member of I Gift Club by a onetime payment of $200. With this you have the privilege to enjoy massive wealth by introducing people to the business.

We have an unbeatable compensation plan, with the earnings per Level which makes recruitment interesting. You earn Instantly as you complete your level. You will be re entered into next level automatically.

Global MLM
  • Its 100% achievable!!!
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  • I Gift Club is Creating wealth, and empowering you!!!.

See You On Top

What You Need to Do?

    All you need to do is Join 2 member under you. Our Network is 2x12 matrix. This means you will refer 2 member and your 2 will refer there 2 and so on up to level 12. You will get paid every time you complete your level. Our system is fully automated. So you don't need to upgrade manually for next level becuase system do it for you. If you will not refer 2 direct you will not earn anything from system.


You Are Leader

Every Member who Join I Gift Club is a Leader of his team. So its Responsibility of Each leader to respect your team teach them and guide them. Our Business Concept is You are the Boss of your Network. We only have given a platform to you. You are Operating your network.

See You On Top

Join I Gift Club today and get your top position on top. Every member who join they get there top position on there network. once you have joined you must refer 2 member under your network.